Sports Provide Valuable Reminders

Team 144 and Your Understanding of Money

  • In 2020, the year of COVID-19, it was obvious, even to outsiders, that Coach Harbaugh’s approach wasn’t working. His job was in jeopardy, the alums were not happy [I was not one of them, because it was very unclear that a replacement would be any better]. He overhauled everything, assistant coaches were dismissed, Don Brown’s defensive system jettisoned. Harbaugh showed us that the idea that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” has always been wrong.

  • This group of 18-22 year old kids young adults were hit with every distraction known to man. Disappointment last season, allegations left and right, accusations of not playing anyone competent, none of that mattered to this group of young adults. This group of kids didn’t take shortcuts and didn’t make excuses, they used the front door en route to the national championship: overrated PSU, OSU, legendary Alabama, and mystical Washington.

This Isn’t A Sports Newsletter, So…

“Stocks for show, bonds for dough” is my pithy way of saying that a lot of ideas and beliefs can be wrong from the beginning and they require overhaul. You can improve your understanding by changing your understanding. Harbaugh needed to change, despite his history of success, that was the past. He looked forward.

Me being critical of others’ videos, articles in the media are my way of saying “don’t get distracted by incomplete or erroneous explanations, no matter how attractive they sound, not matter how attractive the speaker may be.” They are distractions that you need to avoid. Team 144 did.

If Only Money Were Easier To Explain

There are over 300 videos on YouTube, 10 editions of Maximize Your Medicare, and well over 500 newsletter updates in an attempt to share fiercely objective information with you. And there is more to come.

Team 144 showed us their result in a mere 60 minutes of football. Sports are amazing indeed. Go Blue.