Step Down From Your Pulpit

Incredibly, more than 1 million TikTok views to sermonize false narratives. And a NY Post article on top (link).

The entirety is wrong, from square one

Insurance carriers have two jobs.

  1. Collect premiums

  2. Don’t wildly mis-estimate the probability of paying claims versus the cost of those claims. Estimate claims too high, and your premiums will be too high compared to the equally-qualified competitors, you are closed due to lack of premium payers. Estimate claims too low, and your claims will dwarf the premiums, you’re outta business due to losses (this happened a lot when the ACA was new, this has crushed the long-term care insurance market).

If you are not alive, they cannot accomplish #1, in which case, #2 is irrelevant. That didn’t stop this physician from seeking clicks over common sense facts.