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September 28, Noon ET

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Lemme repeat what should be obvious.

  1. While there is no doubt that Medicare is a vital aspect to retirement in the U.S., it is just one of many. For those that have followed for years, you have come to realize that when it comes to Jae’s Corner, Medicare is just scratching the surface .

  2. “You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know” is an excuse, and a bad one. The point of Jae’s Corner is to introduce ideas and knowledge so that you can realize how bad and costly the excuse can be.

  3. The central problem is that information is oddly distributed (and to which you have passively accepted). The financial advisory world is not built to help you understand that the many different financial planning topics can clash, and when they do, it can be costly to you. YouTube is making this much worse, because all algorithms in social media are set up to keep you within niches, as if each niche can exist in isolation. What if this approach costs you tens of thousands of dollars, perhaps a year???