Subscribers Get Their Advance Peek

Part of my role at the Alliance for Lifetime Income is to highlight the link between healthcare cost control and lifetime income. They are simply mirror images of one another. Lower healthcare costs = higher income, “same difference” to me. Scroll higher: answers not products.

Given Peak 65 Zone, my article in Kiplinger’s will appear soon.

For paid subscribers, a couple of things.

  • I literally had no idea about the length or intent of what I would write. So I proposed the full roadmap from ACA to Medicare to Long Term Care. You can see the outline that I proposed.

  • The draft and revisions can be followed, in advance of the publication. It is funny, I am not the only chef in the kitchen. It will be interesting to see if I am even the head chef, lol.

Paid subscribers can scroll down and click on links to access, they will be updated as we go. If you believe that you should have access, and do not, please send an email to It will be corrected.

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