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“Even if you have a Ph.D in Greek hieroglyphics, that doesn’t help you when the carrier is speaking in Mandarin.”

Even Actual Experts Have Difficulty

Without violating privacy details, this tale.

The person in the graphic below has been a great supporter of mine, sponsored me as I have presented to the State Bar of MI, on multiple occasions.

There is no doubt: he knows most of the rules regarding Medicare, he can make a call to others to get the right answer. This is obvious, look at his qualifications.

His own mother faced a situation, something that occurs frequently.

Getting his mother correctly re-configured was attempted alone, but failed because too much time had passed, deadlines were seemingly missed, because incorrect data existed at the incumbent carrier and the CMS: I got it reversed.

We eliminated the Late Enrollment Penalties that would’ve resulted, and preserved Medicare options to change. There are disaster scenarios that could’ve been even worse than this, all thankfully irrelevant now.

It gets worse, the incumbent Medigap carrier gave me the wrong answer to my questions 3 times in a row after hours on the phone and multiple emails; something didn’t pass my smell test, the 4th call yielded the correct result, and preserved the lower premium.

Bottom Lines

Nowhere in Maximize Your Medicare, videos, emails states that “correctly and thoroughly understanding the options = you can do it yourself.” Sandy would be correctly called the top .01% of knowledgeable people in Medicare matters, still couldn’t resolve it himself.

The same thing exists for every financial topic.

If anything changes in your financial life, your contracts are very likely to be affected (not only Medicare), so you need to correctly understand the implications, before it’s too late (it was very nearly too late in this instance, whew). Divorce, newborn child, child turning 26, disability, the list is literally endless.

“Even if you have a Ph.D in Greek hieroglyphics, that doesn’t help you when the carrier is speaking in Mandarin.”

Do not post your private situation here in public. Do this instead.

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