Summer Reading List: A New Entry

Check out this book by clicking on the Jae’s Corner Amazon reading list: click here. You can safely presume that the academic, theoretical principles in this book are fully considered, and incorporated into the guidance we provide. A financial plan is a portfolio of diverse components that interact, fit for a specific situation.

Our challenge is, and will always be, to explain ‘just enough’ so that you ‘get it’ without intimidating people with overly academic terminology concocted in the ivory towers of academia.

However, in the real world, the watering down of theory is extreme, and by the time that you receive the diluted message, the message isn’t the same. In fact, the issue is that it can be that some of those that are writing or speaking actually believe that the diluted message is the entirety. I find this perplexing.

There’s a notable exception to that, it’s called [Blank} Corner, y’all. Can you fill in the “Blank?”

I had known about the book, hadn’t read it until this past weekend. I know the authors’ work, the overwhelming plurality just happened to teach at, or were educated at a small school in the south side of Chicago.

The midnight oil is burning here: the outline to a future, new edition of a financial planning book is below, I am sharing it, in advance, for paid subscribers to the Newsletter.

Link to the updated outline is here. You can keep coming back, I am refreshing the entry as often as time allows.