Take Back Control? Stop Jibber-Jabber

KFF is a great organization, the people are highly qualified, I have read the biographies of those responsible. The facts of what are reported are going to be accurate, in the overwhelming number of instances. However, even KFF is apparently being pulled by the clickbait tractor beam.

Excessive negativity and hysteria are barriers to you taking control for yourself, when in fact, the rules are tilted enormously in your favor. Example: this KFF study and the resulting soundbites that inevitably result.

This is just a waste of time and a distraction. Here is what I believe.

  • Medicare is difficult, but the rules have a reason that have to do with MATH, MONEY, DEMOGRAPHIC FACTS and our healthcare delivery system. From there, the stakeholders have to deal with the resulting facts. Are parties taking more advantage of these inputs, compared to others? Yes. Name one industry that does not take government-sponsored rules, figure out the ramifications, and then benefits from the nuances and ripple effects? While you think about the answer, lemme tell you mine: there is no such industry.

  • If you want to change the healthcare system, the overhaul required is something that cannot be achieved, without ripping down everything to the struts. We do not have the political will to enact the taxation, educational cost, patent, and litigation reforms necessary. Practically speaking, there is almost NO CHANCE of this occurring. It is as close to 0% as can be.

Take Back Control By Being Fully Informed And Updated

Maximize Your Medicare is a very, very simple book. It’s personally embarrassing, seriously.

The rules are heavily in the consumers’ favor. Original Medicare does not cover everything, but this can be addressed, at price points that will fit every budget. For those in actual financial need, there are many financial assistance programs.

No one is asking me, I am trying to help you stay sane in a world of soundbites and the relentless pursuit of clicks.