• It was 100% the Poker Pro’s fault that he didn’t fully understand the rules. He negotiated the rules with the opponent, who had a proper understanding of the lattice in the image. You need to understand the rules before you start (ahem). The implications may not reveal themselves when the surface is calm, they will almost certainly reveal themselves when the water becomes rough. Crazy people write books about Medicare that is largely summarized by this paragraph, yo.

  • He didn’t require tons of evidence (they only completed 25% of the contest). However, the structure of the rules inhibited him from catching up, once behind. “Oh #%^#%#, I screwed up, I didn’t realize this, I didn’t know this.” In other words, even professionals in the specific exercise get it wrong.

  • Key: once this was realized, he had financial backing, and together, they decided to resign. Pride is overrated, we need to change course if we can. We can lose a lot more by sticking to the flawed approach.