If you don’t like me / my message, blame the person on the left. He’s an OG, no doubt.

Watch the video and listen to all of the people that have come across his path. Crazy stuff.

You can see Bob’s articles everywhere nationwide. He has spent over 30 years in the journalism business, as contributor to the USA Today, and now, as the Editor of Retirement Daily, part of thestreet.com. You can see his work here: https://www.thestreet.com/retirement-daily/

We meet, we have a list of topics, but we are careful to not exceed 3-4 minutes. That is hardly enough time for give and take. So, on this video, we take a deep(ish) dive:

  • Should you save when you are young? The changing world of spending, saving, and investment. The very core of education is being tested.

  • Why we should be concerned over what happened in the UK bond markets?

  • Medicare Advantage vs Medigap: should I be more opinionated during interviews?

The individual market is far more complicated than Medicare. In addition, the variability of costs AND benefits is far higher, the financial outcomes can very easily exceed $10,000, a year.

Since the carriers have had time to calculate, new entrants, including the nation’s largest, have re-entered the healthcare.gov exchange.

Instead, How About This?

Just in case you need convincing, an oldie but still goodie is here.

Ya Ever Wonder Why?

Whenever I hear myself called “Mr” or “Sir,” I fight really hard to not laugh out loud. So adding this image top of the real thing was easy.

Seriously Though

I have taken a role as author of new articles on this website, openmedicare.com. I guess that I am not busy enough! The marketing department doesn’t love what I have done here to this profile picture.

That said, it’s a consumer-friendly site, click on my image to check it out.

The reality is that the technicals are not going to be difficult to author. Here’s the roadmap to my book, release TBA TBD. If you follow Jae’s Corner, then the findings will not be a surprise.

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