The Completely Uncut Video is Up

In order to create a video, there is tons of editing required, blahblahblah. It’s a truly awful process. 10 minute video? 4 hours of work, easily. To make it worse, it’s 530P, not like the video editors can be summoned easily to work on this now.

That said, the principle and timing is important here, so much so, that I simply posted everything, warts and all. I am showing you the segments, of the points that I want to make in the video. You know how certain videos show you the “outtakes?” Well, they’re here, please be sympathetic and kind =).

My opinion is that the quality of the material is far more valuable than the polish of the production. I know that the book and this Newsletter suffer as a result of that, but tough choices have to be made.

The polished version will appear on the public YouTube Channel later, maybe in a week or so, but you should have this now. The world is a very volatile place, and I don’t suspect the backdrop resolves itself instantly, irrespective of tomorrow’s Fed meeting. And the underlying issues in the video will persist: people are seeing -10% YTD easily, and if they have individual stocks (that are not energy-related), then much, much worse than that.