Cryptocurrency Isn’t a Fad, Opponents Are More Credible Than That

If you don’t understand that this was very nearly 100% inevitable, then you should ask yourself: “Do I know what the #%#% I am doing?” Let me answer that: no, you don’t.

This is ultimately governmental control of their own currency vs borderless commerce. Do you really think that a centrally-planned economy would let cryptocurrency simply run around, unabated? C’mon now….

Remember: some opponents of crypto currency have tanks, and they have used them. I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

That Doesn’t Make It Unviable As Some Would Say

There are reasons that crypto is popular, other than for the obvious money-laundering possibilities. Blockchain is an idea whose time has come.

Not All Cryptocurrencies Are The Same

Y’all understand that some cryptocurrencies have a potentially unlimited amount of supply, right (Dogecoin)? And some are capped (Bitcoin)?

This video, from the beginning of the year

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