Federal Employees Health Benefits Webinar

Nov 8, 5PM ET (yeah tomorrow, told you I am bad at self-promo). The recording will be available for paid subscribers (in addition to ALL of GH2Unfiltered.com).

Here’s your secret: FEHB is simply the largest, but the same logic is used whenever we provide counsel to clients. It is ‘almost’ unfair, except that I don’t believe in the term ‘fair.”

Large corporation plans

State and local employee / retiree plans

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December 7 Looms: End of the Medicare AEP

Note: almost all existing clients have been addressed (or almost at the finish line). If we have somehow missed you (unlikely), please let us know immediately. If you need assistance, then we must begin now, as in right now. Thanksgiving, and employer windows reduce the effective amount of time by about 50%.

Biden Infrastructure Bill Agreement

Expensive medications? You are a HUGE winner.
Are you a dentist? You are also a winner (for now).

Pre-Order the Book, yo

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