The End of the Wick

While patient, every wick has an endpoint.

When you are so blinded by noise, it’s obvious to me, because you hurl inaccurate, out-of-context insults.

To repeat the obvious to many followers, clearly not to Thomas C: Healthcare in the US is very, very fragmented, with huge stakeholders, each with a rationale. My job is to separate the signal from the very loud, fragmented noise. To suggest that I am part of any of the stakeholders, other than our clients, is a (poor) misplaced joke. Go ahead and continue to believe the earth is flat, let me know how that works out for you.

When you have been burnt in the past, for whatever reason, and believe that I am the same, nope.

Skepticism is warranted, vaulting skepticism isn’t (ask Bill S, author of Macbeth, about the loaded adjected “vaulting”), this is a cap tip and genuflect to the late, great Margaret T.