The New Edition is Delayed: #%*^%#^!

The single best way to get the information from inside the book is the paid subscription. Especially given the delay, the “new stuff” and private videos will be very important. The tricky thing about financial anything is that a single detail can entirely change the path you can or should take. It is why you need more insight and details, not less. I realize everyone wants the singular answer, and that’s our society, get the answer in 10 minutes. That has been, and will remain elusive.

By the way, the production problems that exist everywhere in our economy is a very good real-world example of financial planning matters.

a. There are the things that you can control. I have done this by handling the revisions at the same time that we have assisted financial planning, Medicare and individual health insurance enrollment periods, simultaneously.

b. There are things you do not control but they can entirely change your selection of policy or financial planning path. The paid substack gives insight on those points that may not be immediately obvious. That is my job: point these out, so that you can “get your money’s worth.” Read the free emails. The information here may not be in the many advertisements or commercials.