The Thin Line Between Snow Showers and a Blizzard

It would be unreasonable and impossible to download my entire information set regarding financial markets. I have seen a lot, more than enough for multiple lifetimes, I can easily say this.

  • I literally had a second-row view of watching multiple financial geniuses (both academic and in practice, combined), all in the same room, working together, fail (link).

  • I can explain the housing crisis, in full, because I have first-hand working knowledge of the technology deployed, and then gone awry, creating the Great Financial Crisis in 2006-7: (link). And more. it’s not a flex, it’s fact.

Medicare, Advanced Premium Tax Credit Indexed Universal Life, Deferred Index Annuities, Social Security, Dental Insurance? These are merely single, simple topics if you understand options well. With that frame of reference, the nuances of the different policies, and the different language inside the policies can be identified and compared easily.

Friendly reminder: your politics and philosophy of government’s role don’t affect the analysis of options, and therefore, don’t affect the analysis of what policy or approach is best for you. There is no parameter where you plug in “fairness” to compare financial outcomes so that you can select the best-fitting configuration, let’s agree on that.

I have and will continue to leave the breadcrumbs of what I think that you need to know, applied to today. Onwards.