Theory Has Limits

It is my very biased view that people should be guided by those with the best understanding of theory. There needs to be a starting point, so that when theory breaks down, or developments arise, you can get the correct explanation, not some fairy tale or false narrative. It is personally and professionally exhausting to explain the what/how/why private people have wrongly clung onto these ‘explanations.’ Let’s just say that repeating wrongly-formulated ideas, over and over, does not make them correct. This is known as the Illusory Truth Effect (link).

On top of that, then, the spice is a dash of practical reality, when the rubber meets the road. The issue is that financial information and guidance is full of almost-funny narratives that mislead consumers. Wrong understanding of theory, made worse by explanations of current events that don’t make sense. Tough stuff for consumers, even the highly-educated.