Jay Powell Plays The Grinch


Below is the coal that the Grinch Jae Jay Powell left at Mr. Market’s doorstep. These forecasts for the future are higher than the market expected. Risky assets didn’t like that.


Bottom line is that the Fed’s image above suggests that the denominator will be higher for longer. Good thing you are here, you can very easily connect the dots now.


So This Isn’t A Surprise To Those That Watched This in September

OPINION ALERT: I do believe that this is the full story. In fact, I revealed two days ago, on the recording for paid subscribers, that other factors would determine the outcome, not the facts from the press conference. After today’s very crazy day, that seems to be the case, it is very, very difficult to tell.

Today was one of the most peculiar days of 2022 (top two), in a year full of peculiar days.


Year End Issues & Opportunities: Mutual Funds (not advice of course)

Here’s an article from cnbc.com that points out the issue: click here.

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