This? Inexcusable

None of the above stops this physician on the right (KevinMD) from thinking that he’s a financial expert. There are financial people that aren’t experts, but say they are. What are physicians doing, pretending to be experts in other fields???

No dear mechanic, I am not going to ask your opinion about TSLA, F, or GM stock.

I have a great deal of patience for those that simply do not know, and acknowledge this to be the case. A. Lot. Of. Patience.

However, when you are the educated, and are intentionally stating that you are an expert in a field, and that qualifies you to be an expert in another field? Patience expired.

We are going absolutely nowhere in ‘fixing’ the cost of healthcare as long as we allow physicians to pretend that they are financial experts. They aren’t.

And again, the repeated: I’m not a hater, I greatly appreciated my late, beloved father, a physician.