It is a very important principle in financial anything. “What you allowed to do” is NOT the same thing as “What you should do.”

You need to “apply” today in order for coverage to begin on January 1. That doesn’t mean that you need to pay today.

You need to make the first payment prior to 1/1/2022. After you make the first payment, then all states will mandate a grace period, so that future payments can be late, if you need to re-examine the level of APTC that apply to you.

Let’s say that you have forgotten some income item, you can still update the premium and pay the premium by December 31st.

In other words, worrying about whether or not you qualify for the Advance Premium Tax Credit is not a reason to postpone.

That all said, if you insist on waiting, January 15th is the federal deadline.
Click on the image to get an estimate, this does not obligate you to anything. The issue is that getting an accurate estimate can be difficult, depending on your personal situation (family, location, tax). And then, actually choosing the best plan is something that most do not get right (NY Times link, click here).

All I Want From Santa Is…

…for people to not confuse random outcome with skill.

Confusing skill with randomness is common, and especially when it comes to understanding financial markets. People take false blame and false credit, recklessly.

Before spending hours and hours in choosing bond fund A vs. bond fund B? Or whether or not TLSA is a buy after listening to your broker? Read this (click).

This is the single most important book that I can suggest to anyone, no matter your age or circumstance. The amount of noise regarding financial anything is extreme, it is difficult to separate fact from fiction. Click on the image below to check it out.

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