Took Two Days

On Sunday, I sent this:

California’s Single Payer Healthcare Proposal: What to Know

There is a proposal in California where the state sets the reference price for healthcare services (link). It has passed a first step in the legislative process. Opinion alert: good luck, lemme know how it works out for ya.

On Sunday, this (link). It took less than two days to prove every point made in that article..

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Takeaway: Don’t Be Dee

You can agree or disagree on whatever you would like. But letting your principles get in the way of practical reality, when it comes to financial planning? Nah.

So Dee (she commented on my post here on FB) here.

  • She is a fan of “Find Someone To Blame” (toldya, America’s favorite pastime).

  • By acting in this way, she (no one else) has unlimited financial downside in the instance of requiring healthcare services. She will primarily hurt herself.

Lemme, guess, she isn’t a subscriber to Jae’s Corner?
If you think she is alone, nope.