Utter Failure

I actually don’t keep up with current events by watching TV. I get a lot of my information from podcasts to get further insight. Here’s The Athletics podcast “About Them Cowboys (link).

The Cowboys lost and casual , their errors were eerily familiar to me when witnessing what people do regarding financial matters. The rant about the Cowboys could be directly translated by me.

  1. Poor preparation: too many penalties.

  2. Penalties put the Cowboys (you) in a bad spot, leaving them (you) with declining room for error. More risk had to be accepted due to the poor preparation.

  3. When the opportunity presents itself, you don’t execute. The Cowboys had the ball, 1st and 10, with more than 2 minutes left, and 3 timeouts.

  4. Blame the officials for bad calls is like blaming confusing rules (or insurance companies)

  5. The popular, wrongly-placed rally cry (it’s not fair, insurance companies are ripping me off), becomes an excuse.

  6. The wrongly-placed rallying cry distracted the Cowboys from fixing #1.

You could have all the promise and talent in the world. Sometimes, it really is randomness that prevents you from getting to your goal. A key difference? You cannot fire yourself. However, you can get a coach. Hmm.