No Rest For The Weary

Not financial advice, dyor.

These numbers will be worse tomorrow, because these are last night’s (Thursday April 21) close.
Stocks in blue (SPY), bonds in pink (AGG). The results of Blackrock and Vanguard targeted retirement funds are in the next images. Everything makes entire sense here, IF you understand how they build these funds.

By the way, I have already provided the explanation on how these funds are built, and their weaknesses (click).

Blackrock here.

Vanguard here.


If you are a Medigap policy owner, here’s your free price check. Click here or on the image.
Note that this will expire on Sunday evening at midnight. It is always free to paid subscribers.

I already have it, do I need to check? YES YOU DO.

If you are Miss Perfect, and there is $500 on the table, I will now offer financial advice, right here on this newsletter: take it.

If you have a medical condition that you know will result in a denial, then you can pass. Note that carriers can change their mind on what constitutes a reason for denial (and they do).

Thank you, no thank you

Thank you to the 16% of people that have watched the video and have “Liked” it. No thank you to the fact that the number of people that have watched it is this small. Here’s YouTube’s nasty secret: other channels buy views, so I realize that I am just bellyaching to some degree.

Speaking of Bellyache:

Before you throw a rock, answer me this: What were you doing when you were 15 years old (when this was released)? There’s a reason I don’t have a picture of a pet here or anywhere on social media. Humans can accomplish stuff that nothing else (on this planet) can.

Thus, the logo isn’t a coincidence

Have a good weekend.