Very Long Wick (sic)

This is the way I would describe my personality, it’s not a perverse typo.

If you have no clue and you realize this, you’re safe. I will explain that the earth isn’t flat, we have an excellent basis for you to get where you want to go. I have all the time in the world for this person, you just need your common sense, and your practical experience from other walks of life.

If you have a clue, but need the extra details, you’re safe. Put simply, you need to have the explanation in “4th gear,” no problem: I will happily put my gas pedal to the floor, if required.

It’s A YOU Issue

If you are fixated with a bias, in some direction, it is very difficult to put you back into balance, so that you can make the rational decision for yourself.
Example 1. “I have made bad decisions in the past.” » That’s because you could’ve been Fooled by Randomness and are Monday Morning Quarterbacking, or you thought the earth was flat.
Example 2. “Jae is a shill for one stakeholder or another.” » I am not sorry to say: you are a complete idiot, who looks like this

The End of the Wick

While patient, every wick has an endpoint.

When you are so blinded by noise, it’s obvious to me, because you hurl inaccurate, out-of-context insults.

To repeat the obvious to many followers, clearly not to Thomas C: Healthcare in the US is very, very fragmented, with huge stakeholders, each with a rationale. My job is to separate the signal from the very loud, fragmented noise. To suggest that I am part of any of the stakeholders, other than our clients, is a (poor) misplaced joke. Go ahead and continue to believe the earth is flat, let me know how that works out for you.

When you have been burnt in the past, for whatever reason, and believe that I am the same, nope.

Skepticism is warranted, vaulting skepticism isn’t (ask Bill S, author of Macbeth, about the loaded adjected “vaulting”), this is a cap tip and genuflect to the late, great Margaret T.

December 7 Looms for Medicare

While there is still time to adjust, it’s the bottom of the 8th inning now.

If you want to switch TO Medigap, time is very very short in the instance that you require underwriting. Guaranteed issue or guaranteed acceptance is no problem, but we need to choose a Part D Plan.

If you want to switch to Medicare Advantage but cannot decide, then choose now, so that you can keep the free option during 2022 Q1, when you have the additional right to switch among Medicare Advantage plans.

On December 8th, I can’t help you.

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December 15 Looms for Individual Health Insurance

While the official deadline is January 15, December 15 is the important date. The reason is that December 15th is the last date to verify your enrollment for January 1, 2022 so that everything is properly placed.

Simply doing nothing is a bad idea. So many reasons.

If you receive the APTC (tax credits), then you need to refresh your expected 2022 income, and you are now 1 year older, so that will change your APTC.

There are MANY MANY more plans now on or your state-specific exchange.

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At Long, Long Last

Finally, a OHOWIHATEOHIOSTATE week with meaning.
While we will (rightfully) be the huge underdog, we may not belong on the same field as OSU, we’ve missed ya nevertheless.