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Question: Understanding Jae Oh’s Expertise on Medicare and Health Insurance


Jae Oh is an author and financial planner who provides expert advice on Medicare and health insurance, particularly for retirees. He has contributed to TheStreet.com, where he shares insights on various Medicare-related topics.

ARP Deadline: Jae Oh has explained the importance of the enrollment deadline for health insurance under the American Rescue Plan (ARP). Understanding these deadlines is crucial for individuals looking to benefit from the ARP provisions [1].

No Surprises Act: He has also shed light on the No Surprises Act, which aims to protect consumers from unexpected medical bills. Jae Oh’s explanation helps readers understand the implications of this executive order [2].

Medicare Additions: Jae Oh has discussed the potential inclusion of dental, vision, and hearing coverage in Medicare. This is a significant topic as it affects the benefits that Medicare recipients can expect to receive [3].

Medigap Increases: He provides insights into what to expect as Medigap rates rise. Medigap is supplemental insurance for Medicare, and understanding its cost trends is important for financial planning [4].

Financial Planning: Jae Oh offers guidance on lifetime financial planning, which can be found on his YouTube channel, Jae’s Corner. His expertise helps individuals navigate the complex landscape of Medicare and retirement planning [5].

FEHB and Medicare Complexities: He provides tips on navigating the complexities of the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) program and Medicare, offering valuable information for those impacted by both systems [6].

Medicare Part B Premiums: Jae Oh has discussed the changes in Medicare Part B premiums for 2023, which is essential information for beneficiaries to understand their healthcare costs [7].

Medicare Advantage Plans: He explains the reasons beneficiaries should consider enrolling in Medicare Advantage plans, which offer additional benefits compared to traditional Medicare [8].

Medicare Part D Projections: Finally, Jae Oh has provided projections for changes to Medicare Part D, which covers prescription drugs, for the years 2024 and 2025. This information is crucial for those trying to anticipate future healthcare expenses [9].

Jae Oh’s contributions are valuable for individuals seeking to understand and navigate the complexities of Medicare and health insurance, particularly as they relate to retirement planning.