What I Can Do Is To Be Precise & Even-Handed, To Prevent (Others’) Distortion & (Your) Misunderstanding

  • October 15 – December 7 is the Medicare “Open Enrollment Period.” Wrong, dead wrong. Entry into Part A, Part B, Part D, and Medigap are restricted based on your circumstance, there is nothing “Open” about it (except in locations where there are exceptions to apply for Medigap). Your clueless friend (neighbor, brother, work colleague) hears this in an off-hand conversation, and welcome to lifetime Late Enrollment Penalties, and a lapse in coverage while you wait (improved under the BENEs Act next year).

  • “The carrier is trying to single me out, and rip me off.”

  • “Annuities are always bad.”

  • “Why I Never Choose Medicare Advantage.”