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Is omission evidence of ignorance or lack of fulfilling fiduciary responsibility? It’s unclear.

Investments & Wealth Institute presentation deck. Paid subscribers can see my presentation deck (in draft form) that I am giving to the Investments & Wealth Institute. My presentation is apparently going to award continuing education credits to attendees.

Brand New Medicare Tool (Paid Subscribers only)

Uninsured Americans will now be charged for PCR Covid-19 tests (link)

Nerd Alert: Taking Stock of Medicare Advantage: Overview (link). Generally speaking, it is my view that The Commonwealth Fund is amongst the highest-quality, politics neutral, resources. Doesn’t mean that I always agree with the findings, but among the think-tanks, it’s the top of the heap or close to it. If this looks like I’m complimenting Gretchen Jacobsen, vice president of the Medicare Program, there’s a reason for that: it is.

I Am Unamused

because the following information isn’t part of the text. It “should” read…

We speak Medicare, so advisors don’t have to, because we are both either a) unaware that the topics are entirely related to each other, or b) intentionally attempting to keep people in the dark because it can cost thousands of dollars a year, running. If people find out that either a or b are true, which they are, then they are not going to be happy with either you or me. In fact, our entire retirement decision-making process might have been different if we had been correctly guided.

That’s better, sigh.

Hope It’s Not A Beauty Pageant

I’m a speaker here, and Paid Subscribers can see it in draft form by clicking on the image (with the date). If you cannot access it, and you believe that you should be, send an email (it’s manual so there could’ve been a processing oversight).

In Development: Medicare Toolbox

People don’t know that they are supposed to ask. People don’t know where to start to ask.

The issue is that even within my favorite book on the topic (ahem, click the banner at the end of this email), it is difficult to keep the moving parts straight. For me, that is likely the reason for the first two sentences in italics.

Certainly, a lot of issues exist.

Enrollment timing

Your existing coverage and how it affects the first point.

Coverage for your spouse and dependents, and how it affects the first two points.

That’s even before considering Medigap vs Medicare Advantage (video link), where we take an even-handed look. The results of this can feedback to the first three points.

People don’t want to call 800-medicare-r-us because it’s a sales call, understandable.

The questionnaire will provide insight on the many moving parts, and the correct order that these parts need to be considered. When equipped with this information, then you can understand the issues that you may need to consider.

There will be more forthcoming.

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