What If The Richest Guy In The Neighborhood Is A Central Bank?

What about two of them? HOLY GUACAMOLE.

  • Remember the analogy? Let’s say the richest guy in your neighborhood has a private, personal problem. He needs cash, and he needs it yesterday. What is he gonna actually do? He’s going to sell something, anything. Let’s say he sells his house.

  • Guess what? YOUR HOUSE’s value is lower. Period. I’ll wait to read and hear protests, but everyday people know this is true. It does not matter, at all, that you have new moldings and floors, it doesn’t. The value of your house is lower, and if you then need to sell the next day, you are not getting the same price that you would’ve 10 days ago.

Can You Understand Why I’m Animated?

This narrative doesn’t work, and he knows better. Every last word, I am certain. So to be on national TV, and say this? That makes it worse, not better. Gross.

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