What To Do If You Missed Deadlines

Individual health insurance: easy one. Apply by January 15, in order to be effective on February. Here’s a tip: don’t get sick during January, you cannot retroactively start insurance (unless you are eligible for COBRA, that’s different, and largely unknown to the masses).

Medicare. If you are a Medicare Advantage member, then you can change once between January 1 – March 31. People like me are not allowed to reach out to you to suggest a change. We can and will take incoming calls.

Medigap. You can always change carriers, the calendar doesn’t matter, per se. However, you must be able to answer and pass medical underwriting questions. There are exceptions in specific states, and you can send an email to info@gh2benefits.com in order to get the details. Hint: after a few years, it can be that the rates will change, what I call ‘drift,’ and technical details exist, so you might be able to get notably lower premiums, and keep the same plan. Again, you’ll need to pass underwriting.