Young Women Taking Advantage (Correctly)

It’s a nuance, perhaps an unintended consequence. Under the ACA, there is no such thing as a male premium or a female premium.

That means that women who are thinking about having a family get access to health insurance at the same premium as males. The ones that this favors the MOST? 26-40 year old females.

Mothers with children

Women planning on a family

The tax credit (APTC) heavily favors the 26-40 year olds, premiums can be $0/month, very likely to be < $100/month. Deadline is January 15th, insurance coverage would begin on February 1.

We thank the many young women that have already taken advantage of this, it is obvious to them, as it should be.

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Medicare 2022

Higher is the short answer. I am not here to resolve “it’s not fair,” we are here so that you face situations with accurate facts and understanding of the ripple effects, which are FAR greater and far-reaching than fragments of random information you normally consume.

Not on the video: anecdotally, we are seeing an ALARMING rate of enrollment errors at the Social Security Administration.

This is how it is “supposed” to work, but it is being systematically screwed up, for reasons unknown. Note that this is pretty weird, they are not my rules. The BENES Act will correct this, but it does not take effect until 2023.


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