It’s A Special Day (Maybe)

Not financial advice dyor.
It’s Quadruple Witching Day today.

Take a look at this article, you do not need to understand it (click here). This is a very good description of what is going to occur today, all day.

More simply and vaguely put, click here.

Bottom line, today is a VERY technical day, you can glean almost nothing from any financial market moves, in the absence of a huge news headline, which is possible, especially in today’s world.

Reason: market professionals have this day, specifically, marked on their calendar. By market professionals, I am NOT referring to Joe Stock Jockey. I am talking about actual market makers, hedge funds, investment banking trading desks.

For the rest of us, we ignore, which isn’t great timing, due to the fact that stock markets have moved by well over 1% every single day, and 2-3% moves have occurred.

The Huge Disconnect

But, do either of the two articles look ANYTHING like the article in the image? The point is that this gives you an idea of how far away retail investors are from the actual information and activities that drive financial markets.

Short-Term Disability Is Undersold and Vital

If there is a SINGLE starting point, this is it. For anyone that works, and pays bills, the most likely negative event is the inability to work. If you sustain an injury while at work, Workers’ Compensation will do. However, that is not the practical reality.

Even if a workplace has paid sick leave, which isn’t that many, the money isn’t quite enough.

The problem, historically, has been that the premium and benefits have been almost impossible to locate easily. Until now.

Important: SOMEONE YOU KNOW can use this information, have them subscribe to Jae’s Corner (insert forceful nudge). We will have big new developments, they are marinating quickly here.

Back to the show: Click here for short-term disability quotes.

You can take this email on your phone and compare prices for your prescriptions.


It won’t be a good idea to use these if you KNOWINGLY will approach the Medicare Part D Coverage Gap, because the money you use on these will NOT COUNT towards the deductible, the accounting towards the Coverage Gap or The Catastrophic Stage under Medicare Part D.

For those not Medicare-eligible, these are very usually ok to use, because it is VERY UNLIKELY that your individual health insurance plan integrates your prescription coverage with your health coverage.

For the uninsured, obvious: you can use these, and can cherry-pick the prices. That is entirely up to you.