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Beginner’s Corner



If you are turning 65 this year, this DOES NOT apply to you. You can apply 3 months, prior to the 1st of the month that you turn 65. Example, if your DOB is 9/15/1957, then the first day you can apply is 6/1/2022. Your coverage will begin on 9/1/2022. You do NOT need to apply yet.

If you have determined that you are going to enroll in Medicare, with coverage to begin on 9/1/2022 (from the prior bullet point), then you should absolutely apply on June 1 and the simple reason is that there are many steps involved, and you are not in full control of some of them (administrative red tape). The list of items can surprise you, and if you wait until August, then we may not have the time necessary to assist in resolving these issues.

Benes II Introduced, We’ll See

Part of the reason that Medicare is confusing?

People are not told by the government in advance.

People are not told that their health insurance doesn’t automatically cancel when enrolling in Medicare.

People who become Medicare-eligible prior to being 65 years old are not told that the late enrollment penalties (including the Part D late enrollment penalty) can affect them.

Reality: these are all known facts, it is that people want things to be handed to them. Nevertheless, the BENES Act, which took effect on January 1, addressed some of these. And now, another bill to address some of these other points (click here).

I Sat And Read This While On “Vacation”

Author is very well-known. I didn’t love Outliers (click here), but I am in the minority, clearly. This one, however, very interesting (the examples of Jerry Sandusky and Larry Nasser were stomach-churning to start, and perhaps even worse to have to remember how awful the situations are).

Nevertheless, very interesting because my most important role is one of communicating with others that are not exactly like me (hehe, don’t say it, I already know).

Proof That The Word “Stranger” Can Mean Different Things

I’m not a stranger to Nephew Oscar, but he thinks I’m stranger….

Official website for Maximize Your Medicare (2022-2023 edition): click here.

Since no one is listening to me (i.e. DIY is fine for shopping, but execution should be done with us). Click here or on the image to start.

If you really, really, want to pursue this yourself, the ultimate parent is MassMutual, no question about the viability of the carrier (click here or on the image to start). We understand and accept that this is the way the world is going…more on that later, and my part in the insurtech/fintech morass.

Proof That Technological Innovation Will Run The Joint

CNBC’s Take on How Higher Interest Rates Will Affect You

It’s not wrong, but it might be more fundamental than this (original story click here).
Uh, what about the facts that:

A LOT of asset pricing has been largely based on the idea that if asset prices decline, then it has been presumed that the Fed will act. Unpopular opinion alert: this is not yet anywhere close to fully reflected in the price of financial assets.

If interest rates are higher, then the cost of borrowing will increase to everyone, and borrower #1A? US government. Those of somewhat-educated in macroeconomics know that the government purchase of its own securities has been very, very weird, almost surreal.

Landing the plane isn’t going to be easy, and note that what isn’t anywhere in here? Ukraine. Perhaps it is that Ukraine has simply been a catalyst to make people somewhat more aware of the fact that we are addicted to low interest rates. As stated in an earlier newsletter, “Withdrawal Can Be Worse Than The Addiction (click here).”