Young People Have Done Well

Ages 26 – 40 Have Taken Advantage Of Individual Health Insurance APTCs

December 15th (tomorrow) is the deadline, for those that want health insurance to be effective on January 1st. There are reasons to do this.

  • You want to get your checkup EARLY in 2022. Reason: if something is wrong, then you have the right to change plans through January 15th. This leaves very little time, I realize.

  • For young people and young families, the absolute dollar amount is low. In some cases it is $0. If this is the case, the nuances DO NOT MATTER. If you saw a PowerBall ticket lying on the floor, you pick it up, right? Never ever give away free options. Health insurance at $xxx, when $xxx can be zero?

  • Even if this is entirely obvious to you, I promise it is not obvious to everyone. Tell someone else.