Let’s Make It Even More Obvious

Let’s say you get the right to change your 2016 Camry to the 2022 model, for no cost. What is different?

a. Toyota has made improvements, duh: safety, power, convenience, all are better now than in 2016.
b. Honda, Ford, VW, Hyundai: they are not sitting on their thumbs, they are trying to take market share from Toyota.

When It Comes To Financial Stuff, People Discard Their Own Common Sense
1. “It works, changing is inconvenient. The difference in performance doesn’t matter.”
2. “I don’t know where to turn to find out if the 2022 model is actually superior.”

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iii. Part D plans have declined in number, and Medicare Advantage options have exploded higher in number. As expected here.
iv. Let’s say you are a prominent professional in a directly-related field, what is the likelihood that you put your name on a quote?


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